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Army Football Plaque Reproduction - Half Size Bronze

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Mounted on the southeast entrance to Michie Stadium, in the heart of the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, is a plaque that has become a part of Army's football culture. This plaque immortalizes General George Marshall's famous quote from his time as the Army Chief of Staff in World War II.  He said...

"I want an officer for a secret and dangerous mission.
I want a West Point Football Player."   

It is an Army tradition for the players to touch, tap, slap the plaque on their way to and from the field as a show of respect.  On away game day, the plaque travels with the team and is held by an Army officer as the team passes by on their way to take the field.

You can now have your own
authentic half-size copy of this famous plaque.  

For the first time, the Academy has licensed the production of a historic reproduction of the General George Marshall plaque, and it is now available for purchase by cadets, grads and football fans everywhere.  Every effort has been made to accurately reproduce this historic treasure.  The original was photographed, measured and digitally redrawn to insure it's accuracy. The bronze reproductions were cast in a foundry in Fort Worth, Texas, insuring our quality remains high. The plaques are shipped with an insert that discusses the history, and importance of this tradition to Army Football culture.

This half size version is perfect for your office or study, to show your support for Army Football.  Order your copy now, in time for the holidays! 

Size: 8" wide 4.5" tall 3/8" thick 3 lbs
Solid Bronze - Cast in the U.S.A.
SKU: 23-1025H 
Officially Licensed by the U. S. Military Academy and Army Football.